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We strive to be your ultimate safety provider. With the necessary strength, style , comfort , range and price, we are sure to provide all your basic safety needs in the community. Our gloves are made from the finest material , designed to fit comfortably for daily use.
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Local & Overseas market

Local market: Hospitals, Medical clinics, Dental clinics, beauty salons, cleaning companies, daycare centres etc

Overseas market: Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, Vietnam, Cambodia etc

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Led by a team of professional experienced doctors, we are confident that we are able to fulfill the needs and wants of all our beloved customers across the globe. We are well organized and set by our strong core values that are able to keep the positive drive in our team, thereby accomplishing the ideal safety protection for all.

Our Mission

Company Core Values

Professionalism, Integrity, Transparency, Responsibility, Dedication, Synergy, Enjoy Your Work, Safety First

3 Facts about

Our products


We provide finest world class safety quality along with proper comprehensive range of products for you to choose from


We understand that value for money plays a vital role in this trying times, hence we ensure our range of products are definitely worth our penny.


We highly emphasize on comfort for our products, aside from assuring your safety needs. This enables protection during work for long hours.

Well Ahead

Your Safety, Our Priority

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

With the increase rate of infectious diseases, various bacterias and viruses.
PPE has been a vital role in all our daily lives. We ensure that we provide a
one stop solution for you to restock on your daily safety needs. We are your
reliable and reachable source that will boost your daily protection.

Latex and Nitrile

Gloves Product



Non powdered for your hypoallergenic needs

Environmental friendly (easily disposable)

Precise fit for all hands

Our products are generally use in medical line

Multiple purposes

Our products are carefully produced and specially monitored to ensure it fits every individual. Regardless if you’re a medical doctor, surgeon, dentist or a dermatologist or simply an individual that places safety first, our high quality products are ideally made just for you!


Perfect safety fit for our beloved frontliners who are working hard day and night against the virus.


Your perfect safety partner especially when handling with sanitisation and cleaning services


Ideal for oral surgery and dental treatment that requires maximum protection against bacteria and viruses


For those who require proper PPE and gloves for daily industrial safety needs

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