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We strive to deliver the best solution for all your safety needs in the medical community.

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Tagonfly is one of the leading Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) companies in Singapore and Southeast Asia. We work by leveraging our team’s combined knowledge, experience and expertise to provide purpose-fit,quality products that are effective and reliable at the most competitive pricing.

With safety as the core of our business, we strive to provide the total personal protective ranging from head to toe. We are aware that businesses are in a very competitive environment, hence dependability and cost effectiveness is key.

We are committed to continually improve our quality management system, to strengthen our team work , ensure on time delivery and provide the best quality safety products and services to achieve the total customer satisfaction.

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We assure the safety of our products to customers after several detailed inspections and we also have multiple certified ISO licenses.

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We highly adhere to the basic requirements of hospital needs by ensuring our products are easily disposable, highly durable and thus tear and water resistant, suitable for daily workflow in the hospital.

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End Consumer

With the arising demand of personal protective equipment due to increase rate of infectious diseases, we strive to provide a continuous supply of products for your daily safety needs.